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Oil and gas drilling and fracking are coming to Arapahoe County, with leased areas near your neighborhood. For years, oil and gas companies operating in Colorado have been purchasing the mineral rights next to and under neighborhoods throughout our county. While there’s no stopping the future drilling, you can make sure this heavy industrial activity is a safe distance from our homes and schools. You can help inform Arapahoe County Commissioners and state legislators that you expect drilling and fracking to be closely monitored and the health of our community and property values to be protected.

Arapahoe County Drilling Leases and Mineral Rights (2014)

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What it’s Like


Consistent noise. Midnight flares. Chemical smells. Semis on your neighborhood streets.

This is what it’s like when oil and gas drilling moves into your neighborhood. 

Listen, see, and learn what it’s like to live near oil and gas drilling.



Be Heard

Your elected officials need to hear from you!

Take Action Here

Here are key things to include when you write to or call your state legislators, county commissioners, and city council members:

  • Emphasize that you live in their district and you are their constituent.
  • Highlight your connection to the community.

  • Mention why you’re involved and concerned about this potential oil and gas drilling in or near your neighborhood.
  • Tell them clearly where you stand on oil and gas development in or near your neighborhood.

Lookup Your Legislators

State Representatives

Representative Name



Kagan, Daniel 303-866-2921 repkagan@gmail.com
Rosenthal, Paul 303-866-2910 paulrosenthal5280@gmail.com
Ryden, Su 303-866-2942 su.ryden.house@state.co.us
Tate, Jack 303-866-5510 jack.tate.house@state.co.us
Conti, Kathleen 303-866-2953 kathleen.conti.house@state.co.us
Buckner, John W 303-866-2944 john.buckner.house@state.co.us
Melton, Jovan 303-866-2919 jovan.melton.house@state.co.us
Fields, Rhonda 303-866-3911 rhonda.fields.house@state.co.us
Priola, Kevin 303-866-2912 kpriola@gmail.com

State Senators

Senator Name



Newell, Linda 303-866-4846 linda.newell.senate@gmail.com
Balmer, David 303-866-4883 david.balmer.senate@state.co.us
Todd, Nancy 303-866-3432 nancy.todd.senate@state.co.us
Carroll, Morgan 303-866-4879 morgan.carroll.senate@state.co.us
Steadman, Pat 303-866-4861 pat.steadman.senate@state.co.us

City Council Members

Councilmember Name




Katy Brown Cherry Hills Viliage District 6 303-860-0262 kbrown@cherryhillsvillage.com
Joe Jefferson Englewood, Colorado District 1 720-373-5639 jjefferson@englewoodgov.org
Rick Gillit Englewoos, Colorado District 3 303-246-4780 rgillit@englewoodgov.org
Bob McCaslin Englewood, Colorado At Large 303-798-5326 bmccaslin@englewoodgov.org
Jill Wilson Englewood, Colorado At Large 303-761-8680 jewilson@englewoodgov.org
Steven R. Yates Englewood, Colorado At Large 303-720-9817 syates@englewoodgov.org
Mark Griffin Cherry Hills Villiage District 1 303-788-0505 mgriffin@cherryhillsvillage.com
Alex Brown Cherry Hills Villiage District 3 303-753-4034 abrown@cherryhillsvillage.com
Mike Gallagher Cherry Hills Villiage District 4 303-783-1745 mgallagher@cherryhillsvillage.com
Klasina VanderWerf Cherry Hills Villiage District 5 303-694-4586 kvanderwerf@cherryhillsvillage.com
Sally Montier Aurora, Colorado Ward I 303-739-7502 smounier@auroragov.org
Renie Peterson Aurora, Colorado Ward II 303-739-7506 rrpeters@auroragov.org
Marsh Berzins Aurora, Colorado Ward III 303-739-7508 mberzins@auroragov.org
Molly Market Aurora, Colorado Ward IV 303-739-7516 mmarkert@auroragov.org
Bob Roth Aurora, Colorado Ward V 303-739-7510 broth@auroragov.org
Bob Broom Aurora, Colorado Ward VI 303-739-7015 rbroom@auroragov.org
Barbara Cleland Aurora, Colorado At Large 303-739-7524 bcleland@auroragov.org
Brad Pierce Aurora, Colorado At Large 303-739-7514 bpierce@auroragov.org
Debi Hunter Holen Aurora, Colorado At Large 303-739-7518 dholen@auroragov.org
Bob LaGare Aurora, Colorado At Large 303-366-0113 blegare@auroragov.org
Vorry Moon Centennial, Colorado District 1 (303-754-3354 vmoon@CentennialCO.gov
Kathy Turley Centennial, Colorado District 1 303-754-3451 kturley@centennialco.gov
Keith Gardner Centennial, Colorado District 2 303-754-3359 kgardner@CentennialCO.gov
Doris Truhlar Centennial, Colorado District 2 720-934-4645 dtruhlar@centennialco.gov
Ken Lucas Centennial, Colorado District 3 303-754-3367 Klucas@CentennialCO.gov
Mark Gotto Centennial, Colorado District 3 303-754-3407 mgotto@centennialco.gov
Stephanie Piko Centennial, Colorado District 4 303-754-3374 spiko@CentennialCO.gov
Charlies, “C.J” Whelan Centennial, Colorado District 4 303-754-3412 cwhelan@centennialco.gov
Bruce Beckman Littleton, Colorado At Large 303-347-9141 bbeckman@littletongov.org
Debbie Brinkman Littleton, Colorado District IV 303-797-3427 dbrinkman@littletongov.org
Peggy Cole Littleton, Colorado At Large 303-795-9552 pcole@littletongov.org
Bruce Stahlman LIttleton, Colorado At Large 720-987-7955 bstahlman@littletongov.org
Randall J. Stein Littleton, Colorado District I 303-794-1266 rstein@littletongov.org
Jerry Valdes Littleton, Colorado District II 303- 794- 6475 jvaldes@littletongov.org
Earl Hoellen Cherry Hills Villiage District 2 303-489-5051 ehoellen@cherryhillsvillage.com
Linda Olsen (Mayor Pro Tem) Englewood, Colorado District 2 303-789-4799 lolsen@englewoodgov.org
Michael Penny (City Manager) Littleton, Colorado 303-754-3412 cmomp@littletongov.org

County Commissioners

Commissioner Name



Nancy Doty 303-795-4285 ndoty@arapahoegov.com
Nancy Sharpe 303-795-4630 nsharpe@arapahoegov.com
Rod Bockenfeld 303-795-4630 rbockenfeld@arapahoegov.com
Nancy Jackson 303-795-4630 njackson@arapahoegov.com
Bill L. Holen 303-795-4630 bholen@arapahoegov.com


Mayor Name




Steve Hogan Aurora, Colorado 303-739-7015 shogan@auroragov.org
Cathy Noon Centennial, Colorado 303-754-3350 cnoon@CentennialCO.gov
Phil Cernanec Littleton, Colorado, District III 720-254-6097 pcernanec@littletongov.org
Randy Penn Englewood, Colorado, District 3 720-315-3915 rpenn@englewoodgov.org
Laura Christman Cherry Hills Villiage 303-758-6058 lchristman@cherryhillsvillage.com